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The DT VALET is for those who are in need of a one off valet

  • Deep clean of all wheels including callipers, barrels and arches

  • A two stage pre-wash including citrus wash and snow foam to lift off the top layer of dirt before contacting the paintwork

  • Two bucket safe wash, one wash bucket and one rinse bucket so the mitt is clean every time it touches the car

  • Soft bristle brush then cleans the tighter areas with APC

  • The car is then dried with luxury drying towel and air blower

  • Spray sealant is applied giving up to 8 weeks of protection

  • Door shuts and door pockets emptied and cleaned

  • All surfaces including steering wheel, screens and dashboard dusted

  • Boot space brushed and hoovered

  • All glass buffed to leave a streak free finish

  • Seats, mats and carpet are all thoroughly hoovered

  • Finished with Tyre shine and luxury air freshener

Takes around 2-3 hours to complete

FROM £80 depending on the size of car and any additional extras


Toyota Aygo - Ford Fiesta



Audi A3 - Mercedes C Class



Range Rover Evoque - VW Tiguan



Dog Hairs - £10

Stain Removal - £10 a seat

Wax Upgrade - £20

Glass Sealant - £15

Alloy Sealant - £10

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