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Once you have had a DT DETAIL you will automatically be enrolled on to the maintenance scheme

This will maintain the condition of your car and eliminate the need of further details

Maintenance cleans should be booked in within 8 weeks of a DT DETAIL and can then continue to be booked so long as it is within 8 weeks 

  • Full safe wash to maintain the protection on the paint including;

  • Clean of all wheels including callipers, barrels and arches

  • A two stage pre-wash including citrus wash and snow foam to lift off the top layer of dirt before contacting the paintwork

  • Two bucket safe wash, one wash bucket and one rinse bucket so the mitt is clean every time it touches the car

  • Soft bristle brush then cleans the tighter areas with APC

  • The car is then dried with luxury drying towel and air blower

  • Top up wax if needed

  • Dust and hoover of all interior

  • All plastic wiped down

  • Boot space brushed and hoovered

  • All glass buffed to leave a streak free finish

  • Finished with tyre shine

Takes around 1-2 hours to complete

FROM £45 depending on the size of car and any additional extras


Toyota Aygo - Ford Fiesta



Audi A3 - Mercedes C Class



Range Rover Evoque - VW Tiguan



Dog Hairs - £10

Stain Removal - £10 a seat

Wax Upgrade - £20

Glass Sealant - £15

Alloy Sealant - £10

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